Maritime Seafood Educators Association Aotearoa

The Maritime and Seafood Educators
Association of Aotearoa

Mission statement

To enhance cooperation and promote quality in the provision of education and training for the maritime and seafood industries.


The aims of the organisation are:

  • To act as a consultative body in promoting and enhancing seafood industry and maritime education and training in New Zealand.
  • To facilitate networks linking training providers to industry and government bodies
  • To participate in the development and maintenance of appropriate seafood and maritime education and training policy and practice
  • To identify resources available for seafood and maritime education and training
  • To identify opportunities for members in seafood and maritime education and training
  • To promote seafood and maritime careers in conjunction with industry and government


The major objectives of MSEAA include:

  • Provider Cooperation: provide and facilitate mechanisms to promote cooperation between providers
  • Information networking: provide and facilitate mechanisms to assist with information flow and exchange between members and contact agencies and organisations
  • ITO Cooperation: work with the seafood and maritime ITO's in the development and implementation of seafood and maritime unit standard pathways
  • MNZ Cooperation: cooperate with MNZ in the maintenance and operation of systems and standards in relation to fisheries and maritime statutory certification
  • Educational Agency Association: liaise with TEC and NZQA in relevant aspects of seafood and maritime training and education business
  • Seafood Industry Cooperation: maintain strong linkages with seafood and maritime sector business operators in relation to all aspects of training, education and development
  • Industry Public Awareness: develop public perspectives in seafood and maritime industry careers and opportunities
  • Scholarship: maintain and develop the Captain Mike Little Scholarship program and seek opportunities for expanded scholarship sponsorship
  • Organisational Development: seek membership commitment and interest from all organisations and providers involved or associated with the delivery of education and training to the seafood and maritime industries